Five faraway foods to avoid this winter

Farmers markets may be a distant memory in Reno as the weather cools, but food-conscious consumers can still take care to eat foods that don’t have such a long way to travel to the table. The Daily Green created a list of five faraway foods to avoid, or at least minimize, this fall and winter.

1) Blueberries: The last U.S. blueberries are picked in the Northwest and Michigan by early October. After that, you’re likely eating South American berries. Try grapefruit or oranges instead.

2) Grapes: You’re likely eating California or Nevada (for farmers’ market folks) grapes from May until early November. Chile or South Africa provide them in other months. Substitute a pomegranate.

3) Peaches: After November, peaches come from almost anywhere but the United States. And if you’ve eaten a store-bought peach in January, you probably already know it’s not worth it. Pears are a better bet.

4) Asparagus: The long slender stalks are a great bet in the spring, but other months they travel from Mexico and Peru. Try throwing some kale in a potato soup for the winter.

5) Canned fruits and veggies: Most canned produce in the supermarket comes from around the globe—pineapples from Thailand, peaches from Spain, mandarin oranges from China. Your best alternative is to can them yourself.