First Sunday

Rated 2.0

Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan play a couple of down-on-their-luck pals who decide to rob a church. The events leading up to the robbery are pretty funny, but once the plot moves to a church setting, things get boring fast. Ice Cube’s movies are sort of interchangeable as of late, and this one just feels like more of the same. Morgan is a talented and funny man, and he does get some good laughs early. The plot of the movie really has no choice but to go where it is going, and you’ll know where that is within the first half. That would be fine if the laugh factor remained high, but the chuckles dwindle to smirks and then nothing as the minutes pass. The less outrageous the film becomes, the more it just sort of sits on the screen. Yes, it’s January, and a lot of January films tend to suck. First Sunday doesn’t suck, but it does fall into the category of “throwaway movie.” Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan have the talents to be a decent screen team. Let’s hope they choose something a little more challenging in the future.