Final Destination 3

Rated 2.0

Had they cast a more engaging female lead than the dreary Mary Elizabeth Winstead, this could’ve passed as a guilty pleasure. As it stands, her performance pretty much ruins the movie. She plays Wendy, who, moments as she’s boarding the ride, envisions a terrible rollercoaster accident in which she and her friends die. She pulls herself and a few others off the coaster only to see her boyfriend meet his death in the accident she predicted. Death gets pissed that he’s been cheated, so Wendy and her friends are systematically killed one by one until the film ends. Hats off to the special effects crew for creating some rather memorable (and very grisly) death scenes, and to Ryan Merriman, who fares much better than Winstead as the male lead. Too bad the producers couldn’t have scored a more charismatic star because this one could’ve been fun. For gore hounds only.