Fever Pitch

Rated 3.0

The Farrelly Brothers get cute, sometimes a little too cute, with Fever Pitch, a sweet enough look at sport obsession and how it can wreak havoc on a budding relationship. Based on a Nick Hornby (High Fidelity) novel that was already filmed in 1997 starring Colin Firth as a psycho soccer fan, the Farrellys replace soccer with baseball and Firth with Jimmy Fallon. The results are a mixed bag, but that’s pretty good for any movie with Fallon as a headliner. Fever Pitch amounts to a pleasant detour for the man who laughed too much. Fallon plays schoolteacher Ben, a man afflicted by an abnormal obsession with the Red Sox. He starts dating a workaholic (Drew Barrymore) who tolerates his sports obsession until things start going a bit too far.