Fernley flooded with attention

Fernleyites should enjoy it while they can. Last weekend presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton put out statements offering sympathy and support to the residents of the flooded town. “I am deeply concerned and saddened about the reports of severe flooding in Fernley, Nevada, this morning as a result of a levee breaking along the Truckee Canal,” said Clinton. Obama one-upped her: “I have asked my staff and supporters in the area to take time out from campaigning this weekend to assist in the relief efforts.”

Probably of greater interest to the town’s residents was a joint letter signed by U.S. Sens. Harry Reid and John Ensign and U.S. Rep. Dean Heller to George Bush asking for a presidential declaration “to declare the flood [area] a major disaster area and therefore eligible for public assistance to cover the repairs or replacement of infrastructure (roads, bridges, public buildings, etc.) and debris removal and emergency protective measures which cover the additional costs for local public safety groups incurred by their actions in responding to the disaster. Further, it appears that individual assistance is warranted, due to the impact on 800 or more homes and businesses.”