Canadian singer-songwriter Feist (first name, Leslie) has created an album that is equally make-out music, break-up music and music for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Aside from an unexpected disco cover of the BeeGee’s “Inside and Out,” most of her work here is smart and seductively jazzy. In a mixture of Billie Holiday, Sade, Carly Simon and Astrud Gilberto, Feist quavers, wails, soothes and flirts. From the light-hearted hopefulness of “Mushaboom” to the heartbreaking surrender of “Let it Die” to the hauntingly plaintive “When I Was A Young Girl” with its Appalachian roots showing, this album forms the world of a woman nursing a broken heart but trying her hardest not to let it get her down. Check her out when Feist comes to Reno’s Great Basin Brewery on March 27.