Federal fault

Sunday was supposed to be the final deadline to enroll in health coverage for 2020 for those people in states using the website healthcare.gov, the federal marketplace for buying individual health insurance. (Nevada is not among them.) However, website glitches that were suspected to have caused enrollment difficult for many resulted in public outcry—and open enrollment was restarted on Monday. The new deadline was Wednesday, Dec. 18, at 3 a.m E.T.

Consumers who already had an account could shop for plans and find out if they qualified for subsidies to lower the costs of plans using the website. In Nevada, which has it’s own health insurance exchange, those who have accounts and started the application process prior to the Dec. 15 deadline have until midnight on Dec. 20 to finish enrolling. In another 11 states and the District of Columbia, which also have exchanges, enrollment deadlines vary.