Feast of Love

Rated 2.0

Decent performances from Greg Kinnear and Morgan Freeman are wasted in this, a hokey, schmaltzy exercise in filmmaking from director Robert Benton. The film’s script calls upon psychic card readers, sudden heart attacks striking people in their 20s and home-produced porn to tell its depressing story of crazy love in the modern world, and it actually wants to be taken seriously. Freeman plays an ex-college professor mourning the loss of his son and mentoring a coffee shop owner (Kinnear) in the ways of love. A bunch of character threads are woven together in ways that are implausible and unimaginative. It’s a soap opera masquerading as something more important. The only real reason to see this movie is if you are a fan of pretty women naked because Radha Mitchell isn’t a shy one for sure. As I recall, Selma Blair gets partially nude as well, so there’s an extra bonus for you.