Fat Albert

Rated 1.0 Hey, hey, hey … it’s Fat Albert … and I’m gonna take you straight to hell! One of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons is violated in this misguided attempt to bring Cosby’s humongous creation to the big screen. Saturday Night Live cast member Kenan Thompson gets into a stupid-looking fat suit to make a mockery out of a fine animated institution. When a young girl (Kyla Pratt) cries on her remote control watching the Fat Albert cartoon, Albert takes notice and decides to enter the real world to help her out. We get a hip-hop version of the Fat Albert theme song; Fat Albert and his crew getting all confused and discombobulated by modern technology (“Why doesn’t that phone have wires?”); and Fat Albert’s first real-world crush, which is positively nauseating. Cosby shows up in a clueless cameo as himself, and I guess it’s safe to start calling him a whore now.