Fast as a glacier

The instability of Antarctica’s glaciers may be worse than previous studies revealed. According to an article published by the British Broadcasting Corporation, UK researchers in Antarctica have discovered chilling evidence about the rate at which a group of glaciers are moving toward the ocean.

The volatile glaciers in West Antarctica make up an ice mass the size of Texas, and they’ve been accelerating in speed for more than a decade. The glaciers have increased in speed by 7 percent in the last season. The research shows that the glacier mass is moving at a rate of 3.5 km (or 2.17 miles) per year.

If this group of glaciers slides into the sea, the ocean level could rise by 1.5 m (or about 5 feet) worldwide. That would put a substantial amount of coastline under water.

Scientists think the glaciers are moving due to an ancient volcano under the ice, or ocean currents.