Family tech

Got a family? We've got technology stuff.

Technology is all around us all the time. And it changes all the time, too. I've gone from carrying a bulky CD case and a walkman to having all my music—as well as photos, emails, games, social media and just about everything else—in my touch screen, internet-connected smartphone and in my pocket at all times, and I'm only 22 years old. I can only imagine what's coming in the future. These changes have happened just a bit too quickly for many people to keep up with, and parents and everyone else have struggles dealing with their own use and their family's use of technology. But have no fear, this guide is all about that fancy, computer-y stuff.

Technology—and specifically the internet—can be an amazing supplement to your child’s education, and we’ve included an article all about that on page six. We’ve got stories about two national technology companies that have recently become big news in the Biggest Little City—Uber and Yik Yak. Riley Snyder writes about local technology startups and the potential for a family tech market that is, as of now, relatively empty. We’ve also included an article briefing you on the privacy settings of certain apps and websites, how and what to share and more.

We can’t escape technology no matter what we do, and it’s pretty helpful a lot of the time and always super interesting. Read through this guide and learn some more about what’s going on around you.


Sage Leehey