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Welcome to the 2013 winter family guide

When I was a kid, I’d always feel a major slump after Christmas and New Year’s were over. Even though winter is by far my favorite season, the hype of the holiday season and the relentless gray skies results in a sort of post-holiday depression. I’ve found the remedy is keeping busy—physically and mentally.

There’s that saying, “Boredom is the mother of invention.” We don’t expect your little ones to turn into Leonardo da Vinci overnight, but we might be able to help you find a cure for the mid-winter blues. In December, we highlighted plenty of outdoor sports and activities to stretch your legs and burn off some of those Christmas desserts, but sometimes the weather is just too crappy to be outside. So we have a roundup of family-friendly films coming out in the next few months, and the lowdown on fun places in Reno and Sparks to take the kids and teens. And we’ve also found some fascinating and, yes, educational science projects that even adults will want to try out in their spare time. (Trust me—non-Newtonian fluids are endlessly entertaining.)

But it’s not just kids who feel that seasonal depression, and we talked to some local parents who understand the challenges that come with family life. Tammy Soong, author of the World’s Worst Moms blog, provides a forum for honest parenting. The Maternal Integrity Project helps new mothers handle the stresses of their new role. And teacher and RN&R writer Sharon Black shares some tips on how families can help kids succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

So don’t feel too bummed out. Spring is right around the corner.


Ashley Hennefer, RN&R special projects editor

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