Family lines

High school artist inspired by the father she just met

Set of four “headdresses on skulls”

Set of four “headdresses on skulls”

by Ainsley Murdock

Inspired by Native American headdress skulls, “Cultural Headpieces on Skulls” is an incorporation of culture that is relatively new to artist and McQueen senior Ainsley Murdock.

Murdock has had an interest in drawing since a young age but started to take it up as a more serious hobby around eighth grade. Now, Murdock is both a sketch artist and a photographer; while these are different mediums, she hopes to express a similar idea through both.

“Through my work, I hope to communicate to others that you should always be yourself.” Murdock said. “It’s cool to express this through my photography.”

The inspiration for her art has always come from her thoughts and hobbies; however, her experience with various art and photography teachers at school has introduced her to new styles and ways to express ideas.

And while many aspiring artists look up to the big names in the art world, Murdock admires the work of someone she knows a little more personally—her father.

“An artist that I look up to is my biological dad who I recently met last month,” she said. “He is an awesome tattoo artist, so I think my skills come from him, but they’re definitely not as mature as his.”

Murdock loves drawing and photography equally, saying that she switches back and forth between the two, but she takes a special interest in using people as the subjects of her work.

“My favorite things to draw and photograph are definitely people,” Murdock said. “I love to capture the truth behind a person. No matter what, you cannot hide the truth in a photo if you look in the person’s eyes.”