False alarm

Last week, chiefs of a dozen local social service groups descended on a meeting of the Reno City Council in response to a rumor that the city would be withdrawing its annual financial support and diverting the money to the new homeless shelter.

A city panel headed by Mike Hillerby had recommended the funding to various programs that aid diabetics, abused spouses and children, and others. When Hillerby heard the report, he was concerned. Directors of the various agencies were alarmed. They appeared at a Wednesday meeting of the Council at which councilmembers were updated on the homeless shelter and planned to use the public comment period on that agenda item to express their concern.

But Mayor Robert Cashell allayed their worries, apologizing because he said a comment of his had started the rumors. Cashell said he had been talking in a meeting about the budget “whacks” that various public agencies have been taking and then proposed, “Well, let’s see if we got whacked, too.”

“I’m probably the one who created your all’s heartburn,” Cashell said. No funding cuts were made.