Fall into autumn

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

How about a happy message this week?

Back in February, my honey and I bought an old home in the Old Southwest. I probably don’t have to say that since it was bought with the salary of a high-school teacher and an alternative-type journalist, it’s not the nicest house on the block. Frankly, if it had been adequately maintained, we couldn’t have afforded it. But, we like doing home improvements, landscaping and growing things, so I’m very happy with my old-new house.

The reason that comes up in my mind is, in the continuing saga of landscaping the property, my honey and I are selecting trees and bushes for future planting. I guess most people know that a good landscaping plan requires different colors and textures, with different plants putting their best root forward at different times of year.

I don’t know if it’s my raised awareness, although I’m usually sensitive to such things as landscape, but this fall has been the most spectacular autumn for tree colors that I remember in Reno. These October days and evenings are exactly what made me plant myself here in Reno back in 1984.

I know the cold winds of winter will probably be here before this week’s issue is off the newsstands, but I’d like to remind you that now’s the time to inhale the scents of the trees changing colors and to nourish those eyes with the splendor of the Truckee Meadows when the leaves are trembling.

Along other lines, I started the Atkins diet last week. I’m curious what everybody out there is doing these days to take off the weight. Has anybody had a bad experience with the Atkins? Has anyone had a good experience with anything else? You know where to find me.