Fall guide 2010

Welcome to RN&R’s annual survey of the great indoors

As we clean the playa dust out of our tents and various orifices, we note that the air has taken on a certain chill when the sun goes down. That one neighbor—you know the one who fires up his fireplace at the first sign of a schoolbus—has been competing with the forest-fire haze. Even those four oak trees on the way home from work have started to change colors.

Let’s face it: It’s autumn.

In preparation for the season of pumpkin pies and cotton sweaters, we’ve sifted the newest media releases—video games, books, music and movies—so everyone can best spend the season cuddling with their honeys, sharpening their minds and dreaming of the day they can get out of the house and hit the slopes. But for those looking for something a little more active, we’ve included a calendar that includes all the fun activities for the entire season.