Eyes front, soldier

Panasonic, which partners with Tesla on the battery plant in Storey County, has given a revealing indication of how it sees workers.

The giant corporation has developed mule-style blinders for humans, designed to be used in the workplace and to shield workers from distractions like sunlight, nature, snow through the window, or a colleague at a nearby desk. In addition to focusing the attention of employees on whatever is right in front of them, the headgear also reduces sound so if the boss or a colleague is calling for someone, it will go unheard. The corporation is pitching the product as providing workers with their own space. Quartz at Work calls that spin “a cubicle for your face.”

Panasonic PR material also says “you can tell the surroundings that you are ‘concentrating on the work’ just by wearing it.”

“The surroundings.” That’s you and your co-workers.