Eye off the ball

As we continually sift through the endless wave of orange scandals, there’s a tendency to proceed swiftly to the next set of outrages. Too swiftly. There’s much stuff that should sink in for just a bit.

One recent set of such revelations came about as the directors of the CIA, FBI, NSA, and others sat in front of the Senate and basically said that everything President Manbaby spews out of his mouth is demonstrably fact-challenged, and what’s really happening in the world is seriously serious. Manbaby, of course, responded via tweet, saying his intelligence directors are naive and need to go back to school. Right. So who do you believe? The six sober directors of national intelligence, or the flaming moron who requires pictures for his daily briefings and thinks all that wild shit he saw in the film Sicario 2 is actual reality and therefore constitutes a crisis that needs to be addressed by a big dumbass Wall?

Manbaby’s willful ignorance is combined with the ever-disturbing possibility that he’s an actual asset of Russia, doing the bidding of Daddy Vlad. You wonder what Putin and Dum Dum might have chatted about in their secret talks and late night phone calls? How about Vlad telling his Good Boy to bail on the INF treaty signed by Reagan and Gorbachev, which bail would open the door for all kinds of brand new Nuke Nastiness (and yes, Congress just may have something to say to Twitler about this treaty jazz).

National Intelligence Director Dan Coats released the Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community (https://tinyurl.com/y9r6kkhu), and it’s not classified in the slightest, but fully intended for public consumption. OK, so let’s consume.

It’s filled with chilling statements, like this one: “China has the ability to launch cyber attacks that cause localized, temporary disruptive effects on critical infrastructure—such as disruption of a natural gas pipeline—for days to weeks in the U.S.” Or this: “Russia has the ability to execute cyber attacks in the U.S. that generate localized, temporary, disruptive effects on critical infrastructure—such as disrupting an electrical distribution network for at least a few hours.” Don’t forget Iran and North Korea, who are both gaining proficiency in these new digital cyber-battlefields. Who needs expensive tanks and jets when you have a badass pack of brilliant nerd-geeks?

These are not potential problems from 2030. This shit can happen now. And we have a “president” obsessed with a Wall of CrayCray he made up in his demented mind. Sleep tight.