Expansion plans

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Since I wanted last week’s full-disclosure, don’t-drink-and-drive column on the street in time for New Year’s eve, I pulled this column at the last moment. But since it’s my hopes for all of this year, I figured it was still relevant—at least as relevant as anything I do in this little space.

I’ll tell you what I’d like for 2009, which might come under the heading, “Too Much Information.” I’d like to increase my circle of friends. I’d like to get involved in a new community. I’d like to live more like I want to live than the way my upbringing and scars tell me I should live. I’d like to be in love—if not with a person, then with a consuming new idea or project that will move me from the waiting for the next phase of my life to the real deal. I want to help my friends succeed in whatever they choose to do. I’d like to come up with a unified theory for life and how to live it. I’d like to see all of that illuminating this newspaper.

This year, I want to focus on what’s real. I want to attack the simulacrums. I want to use my personal powers and intellect to undermine the sellouts who make sincere efforts seem naive with their meretriciousness.

I’ll bet that many of you have very similar goals. I also know many of us are looking forward to see what Barack Obama will be able to do as the leader of this country. Is it possible this country, which is embroiled in one of its darkest periods, will rise out of the maelstrom with a new fervor in 2009? That might be too much to ask, but I know, when the sleeping giant mutters in its sleep and gradually awakens, the entire world had better prepare to push, pull or get out of our way.

But from an even bigger picture view, I wonder if 2009 is the year we as a world finally come to terms with global warming. I believe this crisis may be the one that awakens us to our true potential as custodians of this planet and of each other.

Happy new year to all. Let’s do lunch.