Everyone loves a WINNER!

In our 2013 Annual “Best of Northern Nevada” reader poll, we asked people to vote for businesses and individuals they felt were “the best” in over 350 categories. This year, 3,132 individuals participated in our survey, casting 108,150 votes throughout the various categories.

Voting for the RN&R’s Best of Northern Nevada is conducted exclusively online, and we take great measures to virtually eliminate “ballot stuffing”. Businesses and people actively campaign for votes, soliciting employees, customers, friends and family members to vote for them. Just like any other poll or contest, the ones receiving the most votes are the ultimate winners. It’s a true popularity contest, where the winners are also the most popular choices.

We take this stuff seriously, as do our readers. Bogus, or “bot” votes are weeded out, as are duplicate votes from the same e-mail address and ballots containing fewer than the required number of votes. This results in a truly credible survey, as far as the numbers go.

In our annual “Winners” publication, we feature winners from each category, along with 2nd and 3rd place readers’ choices. You’ll also get some insight into some of the winners and what they feel makes them “The Best”.

We encourage you to call or visit this year’s Best of Northern Nevada winners to congratulate them and learn more about what they do. After all, everyone loves a winner - and winners love to hear it from you!


Design/Art: Hayley Doshay

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