Everybody’s Fine

Rated 2.0

While Robert De Niro gives one of his better performances of the last 10 years, this gimmicky film lets him down. De Niro plays Frank, a widower who, when he discovers his four children aren’t coming to visit as planned, decides to embark on a trip to see all of them. This is a road movie because the grown-up kids reside all over the country. Never mind the ridiculousness of a man not calling ahead before embarking on such a trip. The problem here is that a cast of decent actors and actresses (Sam Rockwell, Kate Beckinsale, Drew Barrymore) is given meager material to share with the great De Niro. It’s a shocking thing when you have the likes of Rockwell and De Niro sharing the screen, with nothing much happening. Director Kirk Jones employs a lame gimmick where Frank sees and talks to his grown children as their adolescent selves. The effect is creepy and not the touching experience I’m sure he was aiming for.