Event pick of the week

Bop with a TopWriting can be tough. Writing poetry can be tougher. Writing song lyrics can be toughest. The ability to write catchy, inspiring or thought-provoking lyrics that sound good when set to music evades many musicians, even successful ones. But there is hope: Gary Talley from The Box Tops. Talley will lead a training course to teach songwriters how to play the guitar, but primarily how to use their guitars to enhance their songwriting skills. With lyrics like, “Give me a ticket for an airplane, ain’t got time to take no fast train. Lonely days are gone, I’m a going home. My baby, she wrote me a letter,” Talley’s songwriting advice is sure to inspire another ’60s-styled hit or two, or maybe even a modern-day hit from some local musician. Talley will perform with The Box Tops for Hot August Nights at the Reno Hilton on Aug. 9. For people who want lyric lessons from a superstar, this will be their chance. The cost is $35 and $30 for members of Nashville Songwriters Association International. Lessons are at Maytan Music, 777 S. Center St., 972-9351. Visit www.garytalley.com to find songwriting tips.