Rated 2.0 Things just aren’t all that funny in this slob comedy from the producers of Old School and Road Trip. Four high school graduates trek through most of the obvious European cities on a quest for love, and all of those obvious cities come with obvious humor. England has soccer hooligans, Germany has bondage queens, Amsterdam has potheads and so on. The one redeeming comedic element in this film is Fred Armisen as a creepy Italian guy who gropes young men on trains as they pass through tunnels. Other than Armisen, the laughs are few and far between. Matt Damon makes a useless cameo as a punk rock singer, and the Pope gets slandered in unimaginative fashion. For those who like their humor raunchy, this might be good for a few chortles, but it is no laugh riot. Too bad, because I was looking forward to a good stupid movie.