Establishment lining up behind Griffin

Reno Mayor Jeff Griffin is holding a $500 per couple fund-raiser Sept. 12, and the invitation to the event indicates that the Reno power establishment is firmly behind him as he launches his quest for a third term.

The names on the event’s Executive Host Committee and Host Committee read like a who’s who of the business power elite. Don Carano (Eldorado). Barney Ng (Siena). Phil Satre (Harrah’s). Steve Greathouse (Circus Circus). Luther Mack. Joe Crowley. Michael Dermody. Greg Ferraro. Frank Partlow. Phil Rose. Harry York. Harvey Whittemore.

I could go on and on, but I think I’ve made my point.

This time around, there was some initial doubt that Jeff Griffin would have the widespread support that he had during his re-election campaign four years ago. However, this invitation to the “reception honoring Marna and Mayor Jeff Griffin for their contribution to the progress of the City of Reno,” to be held at the Nevada Museum of Art, erases all such doubt.

And all this support makes it highly unlikely that anybody will be able to unseat Jeff Griffin and what is sure to be a record-setting campaign war chest.

This, to some, may be disturbing. But even more disturbing is the fact that all this is being done under the auspices of “Citizens for Private Enterprise,” which is—as it says right on the back of the invitation—"The Reno-Sparks Chamber’s Political Action Committee.”

Wait a minute. Isn’t it proper for big organizations, like chambers of commerce, to actually see who’s running for a particular office before throwing big fund-raisers and essentially endorsing a candidate for that office?

Yes, it is, unless you’re in Reno, a place where politics and industry go hand in hand—ethics be damned.