Escape Plan

Rated 3.0

At long last, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger team up for a movie together in which they both play big parts. Yes, they have been in the Expendables films together, but Arnie has only done guest spots in those. This one has Sly playing a dude who escapes from prisons for a living, in scenarios where somebody knows he's not really a prisoner and he gets a big check on the other side. Things go bad when he gets buried in a maximum-security prison and the folks who put him there plan to keep him locked up. Arnie plays a prisoner who befriends Sly on the inside, and they both look for a way to get out of a seemingly inescapable place. Stallone is good here, and I haven't enjoyed Arnie this much since well before he became a governor. Arnold has one scene where he raves about God in German, and he's raving to the warden. It turns out the warden is played by Jim Caviezel, who did in fact play Jesus for Mel Gibson, which makes the scene extra insane. It's junky fun, and will make fans giddy. Yes, they are getting old, but they look great and have a lot of life in them.