Rated 1.0 I’ve never laughed so hard at a movie I’ve had to rate so low. Thanks to atrocious work by director Barry Levinson, the talents of Ben Stiller and Jack Black are utterly wasted in this stupid movie about making dog shit disappear with a spray can. The actors, especially Stiller, struggle mightily and respectably in an attempt to navigate Levinson’s horrendous comedic directing. This is the guy who did Jimmy Hollywood, Toys, the overrated Wag the Dog and Bandits, so it’s totally baffling that any talented actor would agree to do a comedy with him. On the other hand, Christopher Walken as a bar-dwelling sage is funny beyond belief, and no director could ruin that. His 10-15 minutes of work get my highest rating, and if you are willing to trudge through the crap leading up to his parts, Walken will certainly provide you with some major gut busters. (CPL, CR, CS, NM)