Entrepreneurs see green

Organizers form a Nevada group to give locals easy entry into environmental activism

David Woods and Abby Reider, left, hand flyers promoting a Sunday event in Wingfield Park to Bari Caine and Vicki Orr, right, at Wild Oats Market.

David Woods and Abby Reider, left, hand flyers promoting a Sunday event in Wingfield Park to Bari Caine and Vicki Orr, right, at Wild Oats Market.

Photo By David Robert

Three Yale graduates have created “The Envirolution,” a non-profit organization designed to educate people about environmentally conscious living and to help unite the environmental movement.

Alex Gamboa, 24, is the chief empowerment officer in the group. He lives in New York, but was born and raised in Reno. He says that looking for jobs in green industries exposed the founders to environmental issues and expanded their awareness. What they didn’t find was one site to learn about problems and solutions or connect with others moving in that direction. The Envirolution evolved to fill that niche.

Gamboa sees his organization teaching people that curing the planet’s woes is going to take a collective effort. He wants his group to provide a platform for this and to generate momentum.

The organization works within three spheres, fusing environmental, social and financial wealth. They intend to demonstrate that eco-friendly practices aren’t only beneficial for Earth and its inhabitants, but also for the bottom line. Within nine months, clubs, a Web site and events transmuted from mind to matter.

One event introduces this organization to Reno. The Envirolution Experience begins at noon on June 10 at Wingfield Park. Sol Jibe, Keyser Soze and Truckee Tribe will entertain. Fat Tire, which calls itself the world’s first wind-powered beer company, will serve cold beer. Organic foods dominate the menu. Local environmental leaders will speak about practical solutions that people can implement.

David Woods, 24, and Abby Reider, 23, co-coordinated the Reno Envirolution Experience. Woods lives in Reno, Reider in Palo Alto, a city that uses many practical green ideas. Sitting on a park bench overlooking downtown Reno, she bubbles with enthusiasm for Sunday’s event.

“Part of the mission is to unite separate efforts,” Reider says. “Non-profits, government and businesses must work together if we’re going to make these changes. We need to think out of the box to take action and find answers to environmental questions”

Woods’ expertise is with the organization’s Web site.

“We have a blog that’s better than most Web sites,” Woods says. Blogging is one way for people to find out what others are doing. Folks can create networks with people who have reaped benefits from implementing environmentally sound business practices.

Woods is passionate about the need for businesses to recycle in Reno. He’s certain that businesses can save money and make money by going green. Examples are abundant on the Web site, www.theenvirolution.com. Visitors can assess how eco-friendly they live, ranging from food and energy consumption to consumerism and waste reduction.

Everybody can participate in the Envirolution. Volunteers are needed. The first Reno meeting will be at Jitters Coffee House, 9333 Double R Blvd., at 7 p.m. on June 21.

“Your actions actually do matter as everyday life impacts the environment,” Gamboa says. “There’s a sense of gratification to learn more and understand more, then take action to make a difference.”