Main Stage Schedule

10:00a.m. Invocation by Jim Eaglesmith

10:05a.m. Sol Jibe (world music)

10:35a.m. Northern Nevada Bluegrass Association

11:25a.m. Reno Taiko Drummers (traditional Japanese drums)

11:50p.m. Cosmic Brain Cells (classic rock)

12:40p.m. Pangaea Percussion and Winds (world music)

1:05p.m. Guitar Woody and the Boilers (blues rock)

1:55p.m. Sage Spirit Dance Group (Native American dance)

2:25p.m. The Brian Landrus Project (jazz)

3:15p.m. Pangaea Percussion and Winds (world music)

3:45p.m. Kerry Getz (courtesy of 100.1 KTHX)

4:40p.m. Benediction by Tiffany Smith

Second Stage Schedule

12:00p.m. Theoretical Theatre

12:20p.m. Starz Dance Academy

12:25p.m. Rick Hammond Blues Band

12:55p.m. Sage Spirit Dance Group

1:20p.m. SEED

1:50p.m. Asha Belly Dancers

2:10p.m. Reno Taiko Drummers

2:35p.m. UNR Choreography Masters

2:55p.m. William Madhava Miller