Energy plan debated

President Obama's energy plan, announced Monday, drew quick reactions from Nevada figures. U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, who has prevented the construction of new coal-fired plants in Nevada and earned the ire of some county officials as a result, said the Obama plan contains language that will encourage state governments to push green energy:

“We are beginning to endure the costs of carbon pollution, extreme weather and rising sea levels today, and it would be gross negligence to pass these costs on to our children and grandchildren. … The [Obama plan] creates a powerful incentive for states to develop renewable energy, invest in energy efficiency, and reduce the enormous amount of climate-changing carbon pollution our country's power plants pump into the atmosphere.”

But Republican U.S. Rep. Joe Heck, a candidate to replace the retiring Reid, had harsher words for the plan.

“The President often claims to support an ‘all-of-the-above' energy strategy, but it appears his proposals only apply to energy sources that come from ‘above' the ground,” Heck said. “To maintain our economic and national security, we must maximize all of our nation's energy resources, including renewable sources, alternative fuels, and fossil fuels, all in a way that balances economic development and protecting our environment. … However, we shouldn't penalize those that depend on fossil fuels for energy and the jobs they provide.”