Encyclopedic errata

Readers may have heard of the uncertain reliability of information on Wikipedia. Perhaps a demonstration would be useful.

Under the topic “Nevada caucuses,” Wikipedia reports, “Prior to 2008, Nevada usually held primary elections, not caucuses to choose delegates for the Democratic and Republican national conventions. In both cases, these delegates then choose party nominees for the general presidential election. Many parties have held state level caucuses since the 1960s; however, 2008 is the first time both the Democratic and Republican parties held caucuses throughout the local (precinct), county, and state levels.”

This information is false.

Nevada has not “usually” held presidential primaries. It has always held caucuses, including the mere four occasions when it held presidential primaries (1912, 1976, 1980, and 1996). The caucuses are held at the precinct level. The delegates to the national conventions are chosen at the state party conventions.

This information is footnoted by Wikipedia to a Nevada Secretary of State’s website page that does not contain the same information.