Rated 3.0

Amy Adams is adorable in this sometimes shrill but overall charming riff on Disney fantasies from, oddly enough, Disney. Adams plays Giselle, a character in an animated movie searching for her Prince Charming. An evil queen (Susan Sarandon) doesn’t want her to move up in the ranks, so she banishes Giselle to modern day Manhattan, where she winds up in the apartment of a single lawyer (a miscast Patrick Dempsey). Other characters, including a Prince (James Marsden) and a chipmunk cross over as well, and this leads to some funny moments and musical numbers. Some of the tunes are a bit grating, and the Dempsey character is a bore, but Adams and Marsden make the film worthwhile. This will probably be the film that puts Adams over-the-top and I wouldn’t be surprised if sequels are on the way. Marsden has had a banner year with this and Hairspray. He has a knack for musical comedy.