Ella Enchanted

Rated 2.0 While the fairytale film that surrounds her is kind of clunky, Anne Hathaway is something else as Ella, a young maiden given the gift of obedience by a reckless fairy (Vivica A. Fox) at the time of her birth. As a result, she must do everything that is asked of her, from giving away prized possessions to shaking her ass uncontrollably. The film obviously looks to be a sort of live-action Shrek (it even has a bunch of Shrek look-alike ogres), but its technical capabilities can’t keep up with its imagination. Much of the film looks sloppy, with special effects that aren’t worthy of direct-to-video fare. Still, Hathaway almost makes it worthwhile. Her performance is always charming, and a couple of instances where she sings reveal a mighty pretty voice. Eric Idle shows up in a few scenes as a narrator, and Princess Bride star Cary Elwes gets to play a heavy, but even their talents can’t put this one over the top.