Elko elk pampered

What is reportedly Nevada’s first “conservation easement” has been granted in Elko County. In an agreement with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, property owner Gardner Davis has set aside 645 acres of prime elk habitat near Wells.

Foundation spokesperson Les Smith said, “A conservation easement is an agreement between a landowner and an agency or organization … It sets aside the property for conservation purposes, while allowing the landowner to continue to use the land in ways that won’t conflict with the conservation purposes. So, a rancher could continue to graze the land, but would have to modify grazing practices to be compatible with wildlife conservation. Obviously, subdividing and selling the land for summer homes would not work. That’s why Gardner Davis connected up with us on this conservation easement. … Do a lay-over of elk habitat with sage grouse habitat and it’s an almost perfect match. So, what’s good for elk is good for sage grouse—and visa-versa.”