Edwards’ local backers
John Kerry’s choice for the vice presidential nomination has some high-powered support in Northern Nevada.

During his own presidential campaign in the spring primaries, John Edwards drew almost all his local campaign contributions from two sources.

Six residents of one address in southwest Reno contributed $2,000 each to Edwards. The last name of all of the givers—Alicia, Andrea, Annette, Chase, “D”, and Natalie—is Whittemore. The money was sent from the home of Nevada lobbying powerhouse Harvey Whittemore.

Paradoxically, Harvey Whittemore himself gave a seventh contribution to Edwards that was the smallest of the group, in the odd amount of $1,667, bringing the total sent from that one address to $13,667. Another contribution for $334 was registered from “F. Whittemore” at Harvey Whittemore’s law firm address.

Bradley Drendel and Jeanney, a downtown law firm, also ponied up a pile for Edwards, sent from two addresses—a post office box and the law firm’s physical address. William Bradley, lobbyist for the Nevada Trial Lawyers Association, was the biggest giver from those addresses, sending Edwards $4,000 in two contributions. From the same addresses also came $2,000 from Troy Anderson and $100 from Thomas Bradley.

Elsewhere in Reno, attorney Peter Chase Neumann gave Edwards $500 (but gave John Kerry more—$2,000, the same amount given to Kerry by Renate Neumann at the same address.) Former Washoe County District Attorney Cal Dunlap sent Edwards $2,000. Leanne Vonark, who has represented realtors at the Nevada Legislature, gave $2,000.

In Carson City, attorney and school board member Robert Crowell gave Edwards $1,000 but gave more—$1,450—to Wesley Clark’s presidential campaign.

No contributions were sent from Sparks.

These figures don’t reflect recent filings, not yet released.