Election 2002

For what it’s worth, here are our candidate endorsements

Welcome to the Election 2002 Reno News & Review candidate endorsements. The great minds of the editorial staff of the RN&R came together to try and decide which candidates we are going to vote for. With the ballot questions and the divisive issues, we thought readers might like to know where our heads are these days.

We arrived at these choices in a variety of ways: we talked to some candidates; we looked at what the candidates had to say for themselves on non-partisan web sites; we looked at which groups support which candidates to know who to vote against; and/or we talked to professionals who would know about relative qualifications and skills (particularly for judges). We aren’t endorsing in uncontested races. We also found some races where we’re voting for the lesser of two evils.

Representative in Congress - Dist. 2 Jim Gibbons, R

Governor Joe Neal, D

Lt. Governor Erin Kenny, D (This was a tougher decision than it should have been, as Kenny endorsed Question 2, the anti-gay initiative.)

Secretary of State Dean Heller, R

State Treasurer Brian K. Krolicki, R

State Controller Kathy Augustine, R

Attorney General John Hunt, D

State Senate Dist. 1 Bernice Martin Mathews, D

State Senate Dist. 2 Joe Carter, D

State Senate Dist. 4 Randolph Townsend, R

Assembly Dist. 24 Jason Geddes, R (We appreciate everything Vivian Freeman has done, but we think there are factors to prevent her from playing at the top of her game.)

Assembly Dist. 25 Dawn Gibbons, R

Assembly Dist. 26 Jan Gilbert, D

Assembly Dist. 27 Sheila Leslie, D

Assembly Dist. 30 Debbie Smith, D

Assembly Dist. 31 Bernie Anderson, D

Assembly Dist. 32 John Marvel, D

Assembly Dist. 35 Marcia de Braga, D

Assembly Dist. 39 Lynn Hettrick, R

Assembly Dist. 40 Stacie Wilke, D

County Commission Dist. 2 Jim Barth, D

County Commission Dist. 5 James L. Balough, D

County Assessor Robert W. McGowan, D

County Clerk Amy Harvey, R

Public Administrator Don Cavallo, R

County Recorder Kathryn L. “Kathy” Burke, R

County Treasurer Bill Berrum, R

Supreme Court Justice Seat B Bill Maupin, NP

District Court Judge - Dept. 3 Jerry Polaha, NP

District Court Judge - Dept. 4 Connie J. Steinheimer, NP (We think either candidate would do well, and we hope to see Michael Langton on a future ballot.)

District Court Judge - Dept. 10 James Beasley, NP

District Court Judge - Dept. 12 Frances Doherty, NP

Trustee, School Board - Seat C Frances Short, NP

Sheriff Dennis Balaam, NP (We believe either candidate would do a good job, but we give the nod to Balaam because of his experience managing a large number of people.)

City of Reno, Mayor Bob Cashell, NP (The editorial staff vote was not unanimous, but majority rules.)

City of Reno, Councilperson Ward 2 David H. Rigdon, NP (We’re not particularly enamored with either candidate, but Rigdon has at least given the appearance of independence.)

City of Reno, Councilperson Ward 4 Dwight Dortch, NP (We’re not happy with either candidate in this race, but Dortch has more real experience.)