EcoReno store opens

Reno has eco-boutiques selling upscale environmentally products. It has a giant corporate market selling everything from organic produce to biodegradable toilet cleaner. Now it has an independent store selling reasonably priced green products most often used in daily life. Wife and husband Morgan and Marc Tiar just opened EcoReno, 18 Stewart St., across the parking lot from Ceol and Starbucks downtown. You can recycle household batteries and CFL bulbs there, as well as get nearly any kind of green cleaner you could want. A fan of Meyers cleaning products, Morgan has stocked the shelves with them, as well as with environmentally friendly pet shampoo, dog waste BioBags, bowls made from recycled materials and colorful reusable sandwich mats that fold over sandwiches. There are also soy wax candles, green toys, BPA-free bottles, baby products, recycled notebook paper, and a giant compost bin, among other things.