Eco-chic boutique

The two Priuses parked outside may have been a tip-off (you can’t tell these days), but the newly opened Liv is a place for Reno’s conscientious consumers. The “eco-chic boutique” at 460 California Ave., carries everything from organic cotton baby onesies to soy candles and bamboo bowls. The store’s earth-tone walls, hardwood floors and open layout give a relaxed feel to shoppers browsing its home and garden offerings. Other “green” items include Soy Soft robes (made from 50 percent soy and 50 percent cotton), organic bedding and pillows from Amenity, vases and frames made from recycled magazines and a conversation-starter of a chandelier made of twigs. Green living books from E Magazine to Al Gore to Josh Dorfman of The Lazy Environmentalist are scattered throughout the store. This is not a patchouli-wreaking craft store. Liv’s owners have chosen stylish, elegant wares at reasonable—though not cheap—prices for shoppers who want their eco-savvy choices to look good. For more information, call them at 322-2548.