Earth Day 2009: 20/20 Earth Vision

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Nevada EcoNet presents the 2009 Earth Day Celebration on Sunday April 19th from 10am to 5pm at Idlewild Park, free for all, rain or shine. This is your opportunity to learn how to envision a future that is sustainable. The theme, 20/20 Earth Vision, recognizes that Reno’s Earth Day and Nevada EcoNet are both celebrating 20 years of activity in Northern Nevada. So we are looking back with pride at twenty years of award winning event hosting and sustainability education, and we are also looking forward to twenty more.

Started by a group of local citizens committed to raising awareness about the environment by organizing a local Earth Day event, Nevada EcoNet is committed to providing environmental information and education. Although it has grown in size, in essence, Nevada EcoNet’s goal is the same, to inform our citizens about local environmental environmental organizations, nonprofits and government agencies serving our area that provide environmental services, products or programs.

The Green Guide and Environmental Calendar are valuable resources on our website, listing all the environmental businesses and organizations as well as events about the environment. Purchase a Green Guide at Nevada EcoNet to help you go green all year by learning about eco-friendly dry cleaners, restaurants, pet stores and organizations.

Over six workshops on how to go green, led by local experts will occur all day on the workshop stage. Is your house situated for solar? Find out from Scot Gerz from Solar Generations to see how it works and how much you could be saving. Small energy and green building tips can pay off and aren’t as big an investment as you may think. Learn about new products and energy efficient tips from John Toth, a LEED certified expert in green building.

Landscaper and gardener Tom Stille has big ideas on how you conserve water, one our most precious resources, in our dry climate. Some of the most effective changes to save water are with our garden. Tom Stille from Interpretive Gardens is a local expert on native plants and water saving ideas with a few helpful tips to cut back on water.

In order to grow your garden, Craig Witt from Full Circle Compost is going to show you how to start a worm bucket to compost all your food scraps and make nutritious soil at the same time. Learn about alternative transportation options from Carol Perry, the director of the “Smart Ride” program with RTC Washoe.

Bring your car batteries, cell phones, bikes and parts to Earth Day to be recycled. AAA is accepting car batteries at Reno High School Parking Lot. Reno Bike Project takes bikes and bike parts to refurbish and put back into the community. Nevada EcoNet will accept all cell phones at the Nevada EcoNet booth in front of the California Building.

“Erase Your Trace” waste stations with green team volunteers are scattered around the event to collect compost, recycling and trash. At each waste station guess how many pounds are diverted from the landfill and you can win a personal laser printer. Enter to win at waste stations and check out the zero waste score board on the stage to see how many pounds of compost, recycling and trash are accumulated through out the event. All serving ware and cups are compostable and provided by Whole Foods Marketplace and New Belgium Brewing Company.

Special advertising supplement to the Reno News & Review.