Early times

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

I have mixed feelings about early voting. On the one hand, I’m all for anything that makes voting easy and convenient. The more people who vote, the better. So, vote, vote, vote. Vote early, mail it in, do it however works for you. (And a big F.U. to all those forces who try to suppress voter turnout with strict ID laws, misinformation and dumb myths about voter fraud.)

But on the other hand, personally, I like to wait ’til Election Day. Of course, that’s partly because I’m an inveterate … procrastinator. But I also like to wait ’til I have as much information as possible before casting my votes. Call me old-fashioned.

So, yeah, we haven’t published our election endorsements yet this year. But don’t worry—they’ll be here soon. Before Election Day. So, next week. Your call what to do with that information. You want to get after it with the early voting—go for it. I can respect that.

And, OK, you want to vote early but still want some recommendations from your ol’ pals here at the RN&R? OK, here are a few freebies: Just say no to Dean Heller. No to Adam Laxalt. No on Question 3. Yes to Heidi Howe.

More to come next week.

I also think Election Day should be a national holiday. It’s infuriating to me that bullshit like Columbus Day is a federal holiday—although thankfully not observed in Nevada—but most people have to work on Election Day.

Of course, I’d probably still end up here at the office, watching the returns roll in like it’s goddamn Game 7 of the World Series.