Dueling ‘news’

Within minutes of each other, the two sides in the fight over ballot Question 1 put out news releases on May 16:

At 11:15 a.m., Nevadans for State Gun Rights put out a news release headed, “Nevadans for State Gun Rights Unveils Anti-Bloomberg T-shirts and Gun Rights Bumper Stickers.”

At 11:42 a.m., Nevadans for Background Checks put out a news release headed, “Las Vegas Fraternal Order of Police Endorses question 1.”

The Bloomberg referenced in the first release is billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who is funding much of the Nevada campaign along with campaigns in several other states, although the initiative petition was placed on the Nevada ballot by signatures of Nevadans.

The Las Vegas police organization is the latest of several law enforcement organizations or individuals who have endorsed enactment of Question 1.

According to Nevadans for Background Checks, the measure “would provide for more background checks for all gun sales, with reasonable exceptions for family, hunting, and self-defense.” According to Nevadans for State Gun Rights, it would provide for “a federal universal gun registry.”