Dress rehearsal

Time to play dress-up with Burning Man paper dolls

Photos By Lauren Randolph

There are no rules when it comes to costumes at Burning Man. Only two faux pas come to mind on the fashion front: wearing no costume at all (unless you’re naked, which is fine) and, ahem, shirtcocking. Burning Man is like playing dress-up every day, like when you were a kid, raiding your parent’s closet for clunky shoes and oversized necklaces and dressing up paper dolls. Except now it’s with pasties and bustiers.

To inspire some unbridled mixing and matching, we raided the closets of three local stores with an expertise in Burning Man fashion: The Melting Pot World Emporium, 1049 S. Virginia St.; Prism Magic Clothing, 2161 Pyramid Way; and Polyesther’s Unique Boutique, Wildflower Village, 4335 W. Fourth St., Suite 7. Feel free to cut them out and dress our model Burners, Heidi Adkins and Jake Peck. It’s playtime.