Dream House

Rated 1.0

Unbelievable that director Jim Sheridan (In the Name of the Father) and a cast including Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz couldn’t put together a movie worth watching. Craig stars as an author who moves into his dream house with his wife (Weisz) and kids. But things are not as they seem, as evidenced by the strange looks they are getting from the neighbor across the street (Watts). This one is trying to be something like The Sixth Sense or The Others, but it’s more like a half-eaten dinner thrown into a Dumpster at Popeye’s Chicken. The film reveals its mysteries long after the viewer has figured things out, and the big mystery is a big dud. Hard seeing somebody like Watts wasting her time in a useless role. I’m sure she thought she was signing on for something good given the director’s credentials. Hell, I thought I was in for something good given the director’s credentials. I was wrong—very, very wrong.