Down the road

Yes, of course, she was an admirable profile in courage when she defied the Order to Stonewall from the State Department concerning her scheduled appearance with the House Intelligence Committee. But Marie Yovanovitch had an appointment with Her 15 Minutes, and she was damn well gonna keep it. She certainly wasn’t going to be dissuaded by some mob boss-esque decree issued by pompous Pompeo. And she was obviously not there to blow happy smoke up the toxic ass of President Liarliarpantsonfire.

Many speculated that her testimony could conceivably threaten her continued employment at the State Department, and, considering her lengthy career there, one can easily imagine that she would prefer to hang on to whatever financial benefits she’s accrued in her decades at State. I’m sure they’ve got some solid retirement plans going on.

But there really isn’t any need to worry about her getting canned as a result of her daring to buck Trump (and it’ll be fun if she kicks off a wave of testimony from others). I’m guessing she’d be unemployed for about—what? Five minutes, right? This woman is covered. There are many who will have her back, and have it real quick-like. Her courage was heroic. She’ll be aptly rewarded for it, if need be.

Were you a Breaking Bad fan? Did you hear about El Camino, the new Netflix flick that we all knew would be made eventually, the movie that would show us what the heck happened to Jesse after he drove off from the Nazi Meth Ranch in Scary Todd’s El Camino, raving and screaming down the highway? It was a finale that just begged for its own story, and that story, finally, is here. I won’t spoil it for you, outside of saying … see it. Watch it with someone you love. Someone who loves Breaking Bad. It’s freaking awesome—a total triumph for Vince Gilligan and his team.

It's time to say something nice about our Regional Transportation Commission, which did a great job on two recent projects—The Southeast Connector and the rebuilt intersection of Pyramid and McCarran in Sparks. Both of these works improved the transportational quality of life here in The Meadows. The Connector is just awesome, and I really shouldn’t mention it any more because I wanna keep it all to myself. And the intersection of Pyramid and McCarran actually kind of pisses me off on a regular basis, because I’m not stopped there long enough to do any quality texting. Drives me batshit. But both are excellent pieces of work, without a doubt.