Down by the river

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

I want to give a quick shout-out to everybody who gave us recommendations of local bands to play this year’s Rollin’ on the River. That’s the RN&R’s summer concert series that takes place every July during Artown.

For the last couple of months, we were asking readers to submit the names of some of their favorite local groups to play the series, and we got a lot of responses. The field was more wide than deep—which is to say, there were many, many groups that only received a couple of votes and only a few bands that received large support. That’s sort of to be predicted—we could tell some of those single votes came from band members themselves, but it was still fun to go through and see some of the local bands that garnered attention for themselves to one degree or another.

And we didn’t conduct this informal readers’ poll as a contest, but just as an advisory guide. So, there were some groups that seemed to organize massive email campaigns to play but were still disqualified for one reason or another—often geographic. We want this to be a celebration of local music.

Anyway, the eventual lineup includes some established local favorites, some of whom have played the series before, as well as groups that readers suggested, and a couple of RN&R favorites that we think y’all will enjoy.

Big thanks to the following groups for agreeing to play: The Sextones, Jelly Bread, Hellbound Glory, Bazooka Zoo, Guitar Woody & the Boilers, Rigorous Proof, the Umpires, Spike McGuire, Canyon White, and Jake Houston & the Royal Flush.

This is an eclectic, eccentric, electric lineup. And we’re stoked to present it.

Thanks to everybody who sent us recommendations. See y’all out and about this summer.