Double the drum, double the fun

The Melvins head to the New Oasis for a night of heavy music mayhem. The group is known for its slow and heavy sound with hints of punk and Black Sabbath-style metal. The Melvins took its name from a nickname given to singer-guitarist Buzz Osborne by co-workers at a grocery store he worked at in Montesano, Wash. The group is often listed as an influence on several grunge-era bands to come out of Seattle, Wash., most notably Nirvana, whose Kurt Cobain was a big fan and who once even auditioned to play guitar for them. Osborne, aka King Buzzo, and drummer Dale Crover are the constant core of the group, which has gone through several bassists in its two-decade existence. The group has recently added Big Business members Jared Warren and Coady Willis on bass and drums, adding even more percussive punch to the mix. The quartet is touring in support of its recent release (A) Senile Animal, which has received mostly positive reviews. The Melvins perform 8 p.m. Nov. 28 at the New Oasis, 2100 Victorian Ave., Sparks. Tickets are $15 in advance and $17 at the door. Call 359-4020 or visit