Dope week and rage tweets

It’s a dope week for two of our most swingin’ recreational drugs, with Friday being 4/20, and Thursday being Bicycle Day (and would you believe that Albert Hoffman began his legendary Bike Ride on April 19, 1943, at precisely 4:20 in the afternoon? No? OK, thought I’d give it a shot).

One thing I’ve noticed here in the Brave New Nevada where pot shops are burnin’, churnin’ and Vernon … Law was the great Pittsburgh Pirate right-hander who led the Bucs in 1960 to a World Series win over the hated New York … real estate developer who came to be known as “President” Spanky, after his notorious affair with a porn actress by the name of Stormy … Daniels on the rocks, please, with a twist. … Grabbing the cocktail, he settled into his comfy leather barstool and pulled out his sleek new vaporizer, which he had discovered he could hit in casino bars and exactly zero people would give a fig. … Whoa! These new vapes are outtasight!

For all of us who’ve been hangin’ with Mary Jane for a while (she’s always been very pleasant company), we can think back on the bad old days in this state, the days in the ’60s and ’70s when you could get caught with a single joint of weed and go to goddamn prison. It’s true. It used to be that bad, that draconian, that fucked up.

So good riddance to those times when you used to flip out when you got pulled over for a brake light because you suddenly realized that if the cop found even a roach under a floor mat, you had a very serious problem. It was absolutely ridiculous. Thousands of lives were permanently scarred in the Bad Old Days. May they burn in hell (the days, not the lives).

OK, I’m watching my Trump porn (gotta have it daily, courtesy MSLSD) and Chris Hayes is talking about Dum Dum doing his daily rage tweeting. RAGE TWEETING! I follow Trump on Twitter. I receive his tweets. Yer damn right I do. And he does rage tweet. A lot. We are all now very familiar with this bizarre new political reality.

But for fuxsake, are you kidding me? As I do on a near weekly basis, I again suggest that you Let That Sink In. (indeed, I should rename this column LTSI.) We’ve got a crabby, pissy, tantrum-tossing ignoramus blowhard as a “president,” and he “rage tweets.” How thoroughly Jeffersonian of him. Perhaps it’s a sign that the water in the pot that our froggy “president” currently floats in is beginning to simmer just a bit?