Don’t call it a comeback!

Former Nevada governor Jim Gibbons plots a return to public life

April Fools! The stories in this week’s feature package contain satire, exaggeration and outright misinformation … or do they?

Former Nevada governor Jim Gibbons is being wooed to run for office again.

Republican political consultant Toony Loon said Gibbons, who also served in the Nevada Assembly and U.S. House, is ripe for revival in the age of Donald Trump. He noted that Gibbons had once been accused of attacking a cocktail waitress in a parking garage. “He walked on that as easily as Trump has slid on all his assaults.”

“Jim’s image has been rehabilitated after a year of the Trump administration,” he said. “In the era of MeToo, Jim Gibbons fits right in.”

Gov. Brian Sandoval, asked for comment, agreed. “Jim looks almost normal these days,” he said.

As governor, Gibbons was noted for long absences from the governor’s capitol office and heavy use of emails.

“It’s not the same thing as watching TV in the White House all the time, or flurries of nutty tweets, but this is Nevada,” said political analyst Fred Lokken. “We always run a little behind.”

As a federal and state legislator, Gibbons had a record nearly devoid of accomplishment, which is seen as a strength. “You can’t make 30-second spots attacking his legislation,” said fellow former state legislator Goosy Loose. “He didn’t have any.”

It is not yet certain what office Gibbons might seek. He will likely wait until after Trump tweets his preference for which office Gibbons should seek. Whichever office he pursues, proposed slogans have been bandied about among local Republican workers, with “I was insane before insane was cool” a favorite.

Democrats had no comment, but several local Democratic leaders were observed with smiles so wide they appeared to have coat hangers in their mouths.