Dondoo ron ron

Looking back, I gotta say, one of the most significant quotes I’ve heard in my time on This Rock came out of the mouth of a man who had literally gotten the shit kicked out of him by a crazed pack of racist L.A. cops. When St. Rodney asked the eternally powerful, if somewhat naive, question, “Can’t we all just get along?” I have to acknowledge that he boiled it down quite nicely.

More reality about Humans Humans Humans Babies Makin’ Babies. In 1970, the number of people living on this beautiful planet numbered 3.7 billion. In 2020, that number will reach 7.6 billion, a very tidy doubling that will occur in a mere 50 freaking’ years. Where oh where will it all stop, if ever? Best guess—Gaia is expected, sometime this century, to take charge of the situation. Expect her response to be significant.

Well, here we are, mired in the most corrupt political swamp since Nero was blowing Caligula, and we’ve grown absolutely numb to its overall total horror. Scandals that would’ve been administration-threatening in the Obama years are now run-of-the-mill in Trump Bizarro World, occurring on a weekly, if not daily, basis. This blizzard of Outrageous Nonstop Dondoo has, predictably enough, bludgeoned many into a comfortably numb stupor. Trump told Congress to piss up a rope? Yawn. Trump was the shittiest businessman in the History of Money? Yawn. Trump is doing to subpoenas what he did to that bed in the Moscow Ritz? Crickets. Trump used Barr to get his pedophile pals (Nader, Epstein) into a country club prison? Zzzzzzz.

The good news is that there’s plenty of time to shake off this numbness. We’re just sorta resting right now. Want more good news? Well, as long-time conservative David Brooks of the New York Times wrote recently about Republicans, “Young adults hate them.” Dave, you sweet talker you! Do go on.

He cited the voting realities of the past November, when the under 30’s voted for Dems over Repubs by “an astounding 67 to 32 percent,” and that in a 2018 Pew survey, “57 percent of millenials called themselves liberal, while only 12 percent called themselves conservative. This is the most important statistic in American politics right now.”

Finally, where are the hell are the leakers? The people in the Justice and Treasury Departments who, in the mischievous spirit of the great Daniel Ellsberg, just flat out leak the unredacted Mueller Report and Trump’s taxes to the NYT/Wapo?