Do something

It was an ugly ass week in America. I’ll see your Gilroy and raise you an El Paso. Yeah, well, I see your El Paso and raise you a Dayton. And I’ll even throw in a nifty little sororicide.

Yeah, it was kind of a drag. But there were some things to love about it. First, folks in Kentucky showed up at a Mitch McConnell rally armed with signs proclaiming his brand new nickname—Moscow Mitch. That’s a perfect call for this villainous bastard who hickeys Putin’s ass almost as much as Trump. The Turtle thing is fine, but it’s too dopey. Not sinister enough. And make no mistake, McConnell is horrible with a capital H. He and Trump are easily the two largest evildoers in this utterly detestable phase of the Republican Party (and as Megan McCain said about Twitler recently, “Democrats, if you can’t beat this guy …”).

Also fun was the group of folks in Dayton who sounded off during Gov. DeWine’s remarks, chanting, “Do Something. Do Something. Do Something.” In so doing, they spoke simply and eloquently for all of us who are sick to death of Thoughts and Goddamn Prayers. Gee, Retrumplicans, them thoughts and prayers don’t seem to be workin’ all that swell. You pious hypocrite slaves to the N R fucking A must not know how to pray real good.

The GOP (Gang Of Putin) will gaslight us with the usual steer manure about video games and mental illness and the media. Meanwhile, the things that need to happen are precisely the things that won’t happen—national background checks and a ban of all weapons of war. We all know it. Everybody knows it. Moscow Mitch and Dum Dum know it. And don’t you dare blame Congress. The Democratic half of Congress has already passed legislation that would create a national background check system. That legislation currently sits in Moscow Mitch limbo. So don’t say the Dems haven’t done anything. They have. And they’re consistently stymied by the two worst shitheads in American political history.

A “Do Something” March would be timely. Following the lead of our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico, who recently hit the streets en masse and got rid of their Trump-sucking governor. I’d say the same treatment for Moscow Mitch is in order, yes? You think some folks would show up in D.C. to yell at Moscow Mitch and Agent Orange to do something about gun madness? No, not marches in cities all over America, but one huge event in D.C. You think a million folks would show up for that one? Two? Three? Twenty?