Diaper man

Manuel Gaukel

Photo By David Robert

Anyone can be an idea man, but can anyone be a diaper man? Well the diaper man, Manuel Gaukel, 48, has combined practical thinking and a motivated soul to produce his latest invention, the short-style diaper. In the minute-long video made by Gaukel’s publicist, Invention Technologies, Inc., the diaper promises to “prevent virtually all leaks” but doesn’t scuff on fashion and comfort as it “looks and feels more like real underwear in daytime and nighttime styles.” Although Gaukel is pursuing his ideas out of his Stead home, he’s never been much of an inventor. He’s just a practical dad, wanting to make life a little easier while caring for his special needs daughter.

Why did you invent this product?

It’s to help people who have problems with wetting the bed, from adults to babies, because regular diapers don’t keep the beds dry. Mine does. It’s a better diaper. It’s the future.

What was your inspiration?

My daughter. She uses diapers right now, but not the same as this diaper here. Not the invention.

How did you come up with the idea?

Well, when I go in there and get my daughter out of bed, she’s always wet. I could put a big, thick diaper on plus two undergarment pants, and it still goes right through the sides all over the bed. She’s just disabled, and that’s why.

Is this your first invention?

Yes it is.

You haven’t sold any of the diapers yet, but have you seen any movement on the product?

A manufacturer hasn’t bought it. When they buy it, they start producing it.

How do you think the public will receive your invention?

Real well … because if a woman is walking around and [the diaper] is the same color of the pants or the dress she’s wearing, then a person will not even know she’s wearing a diaper. … You don’t have to make the bed more, and you have less laundry.

Do you have any other inventive ideas?

I have several in my head, but right now this is the main one.

How did you find Invention Technologies, Inc.?

It was on TV. On a commercial late at night.

What have they done for you so far?

They gave me a lot of pamphlets to send to a lot of manufacturers and news people. You’re on the list right here. Yeah, you’re right there, second one. Reno Gazette [Journal] is first. I don’t know why, but I guess they’re a little bit bigger.

Were you an inventive child?

No, not really. I wanted to be a cook, so I’m a cook now.

How does this diaper compare to other leading brands?

It would keep the infant—when it’s first born—dryer, and adults and senior citizens a lot dryer. It’s exactly what it says, a short-style diaper.

Have you done tests on it?

They (Invention Technologies, Inc.) have done tests. It always has to be little secrets because if it gets out too much, then somebody can steal an idea and take off with it.

If you make it big with this invention, what will you do?

Well, what I wanted to do is put some money in the bank for retirement, buy me a nice house, spend some more time with my daughter and go to Disney World. Also, I was thinking about getting a center, like an information center where people can go if they need food or babysitting or they need some help with anything. Say you need help with a doctor, or a lawyer, or food. I’d like to try and build a center like that.